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Uber AccidentsIn this fast-paced world that we live in today, time is of the essence. Technology is forever changing and definitely speeding up the way that we get from one place to another. Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have made the process of getting from “Point A” to “Point B” extremely convenient and simple for anyone to accomplish. The portability of having an app on your phone that you can in a way, “hail” a car within minutes is not only time effective but also extremely cost efficient. The rates for these “convenient rides” are even low enough to put many other car services out of business. Not only is the ride-sharing platform convenient to the passenger but it is also beneficial to the driver as well. Drivers get to use their cars to transport customers on their own clock. This means that drivers get to set their own hours of when they would like to work or even choose if they would like to accept a trip or not. This platform is an extremely popular form of transportation around the country. The question is, what happens if an accident occurs?

Were you injured in an accident during your Uber/Lyft trip? With everything being done through an app, there is no sort of customer service to be able to direct you to the appropriate channels when you have had an issue with the company such as an accident. After taking multiple routes to take care of the issues at hand, you are probably feeling a little frustrated and downright worn out. The Ben Law Firm is here to be able to provide you with all of the guidance that you need during your recovery. Our Fort Lauderdale Uber/Lyft Injury Attorneys will take the appropriate measures to get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

How Ride-Sharing Companies Can Avoid Liability In An Auto Accident

Fort Lauderdale Uber InjuriesJust like any other company or corporation, they always try to ensure that they can in any way possible, avoid being liable for any injury caused to an individual. I know many of you are wondering how can a ride-sharing company get out of being liable for an accident clearly caused at the hands of their driver? These online ride-sharing companies are a lot different from regular car services and taxi cab companies in which they fall into a whole other bracket of business structure.

Unlike taxi companies that are using their own vehicles that are insured by the company itself, companies like Uber and Lyft have drivers that use their own vehicles insured by each individual driver. The drivers, rather than being employed by the company, are considered to be independent contractors which cuts overhead costs for the company but leaves the passenger open to be vulnerable if there were an accident.


How Are Ride-Sharing Accidents Different From A Traditional Car Accident?

  • Recapping on the fact that Uber and Lyft allow their drivers to use their own personal car insurance, there are many personal insurance policies that do not cover “driving for profit”. Though a driver may have their own insurance policy, many policies exclude accidents that occur if the policyholder was “driving for profit,” which means that your ride-share driver’s insurance company may deny your claim.
  • If a ride-share driver cannot cover the cost of an accident with their auto insurance coverage, the next logical step might be for the injured passenger to submit a claim to their own auto insurance provider. However, more than likely, if you are using a ride-sharing service chances are that you do not, in fact, have coverage or if you do it could be minimum which would not be enough coverage to cover your accident. This once again leaves the passenger helpless.
  • Lyft Auto Accidents In Fort LauderdaleIn the past, there have also been issues where ride-sharing companies would attempt to get out of being liable for an accident that occurred in-between fares. In December 2013, an Uber driver fatally struck and killed a 6-year-old girl who was lawfully crossing the street with her family in San Francisco. Uber claimed that the driver had not been carrying a passenger at the time of the accident in an attempt to avoid liability, stating that the accident was therefore not in Uber’s service, even though he was running the Uber app. Since this incident, Uber has changed their policy to provide coverage when drivers are in-between fares. This is not to say that other up and coming ride-sharing companies will provide the same type of coverage.

Let Our South Florida Uber/Lyft Accident Lawyers Fight For Your Compensation

Our Fort Lauderdale Uber Personal Injury Attorneys are well aware of all of these sticky tactics that many companies attempt to use today in order to squeeze themselves out of being held liable for an auto accident. We have experienced ride-sharing accident attorneys that will look into every unique accident to the answers that you deserve on how to get your injuries covered. Don’t let these corporate ride-sharing companies exhaust you of your fight to what is rightfully yours. Let our Fort Lauderdale Uber/Lyft Lawyers take on the headache for you. This new era of transportation is forever changing and new policies and laws are sure to come. Let the attorneys at The Ben Law Firm stay up to date on all of the new laws associated with ride-sharing transportation. Call today to set up a consultation!