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magic-leap-whaleA lawsuit filed by a former executive against “Magic Leap” at the beginning of this year was settled. Many companies have their fair share of being sexist toward different genders and face repercussions because of it. This former executive was not standing for this type of treatment and took the matter to court to let a judge decide on the matter. If you or someone that you know have been a victim of workplace discrimination.

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Magic Leap is a billion dollar start company that is currently developing “mixed reality” software that uses eye movement to project images that interact with real-life objects. To date, it has accumulated over $1.39 billion in funding. This startup company is valued at about $4.5 billion.

Settlement Agreed In Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Magic-LeapTannen Campbell, the former VP of strategic marketing, stated in her lawsuit that Magic Leap CEO, Rony Abovitz, repeatedly canceled scheduled meetings where she planned to propose solutions to what the company saw as their “pink and blue problem”, a term used to described the difficulty in marketing their product to female customers. Campbell was hired in April 2015 to help with making their product more appealing to the female client base as well as the male. Campbell stated that Abovitz fired her after challenging him to “acknowledge the depths of misogyny in Magic Leap’s culture.”. Campbell’s lawsuit alleges that the company engages in gender bias that divides its female employees and refuses to market their product to both sexes.

Notice of the confidential lawsuit settlement was filed Tuesday and signed by Judge William P. Dimitrouleas.

Although men and women are considered equal in the eyes of the law, some parts of society does not see it that way. Gender discrimination is still a real problem especially in the workplace.

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