Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against City of Deerfield Beach Employee
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January 3, 2018
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February 3, 2018

Deerfield-Beach-Fishing-Pier-ImageEvery individual has to right to work in peace without being afraid of being sexually harassed. Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. In most modern legal contexts, sexual harassment is illegal and the sexual harasser can be punished for their actions. If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual harassment, call the attorneys at The Ben Law Firm to discuss your legal rights in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

The alleged sexual harassment happened when Lisa went to work at the Deerfield Beach pier as a pier attendant in Deerfield Beach, Florida. According to Lisa’s allegations, her and Mr. DaBrusco had an altercation in the restroom to where he kissed her and grabbed her butt. Lisa immediately told her story to a fellow pier attendant which made it up the chain to the director of Parks and Recreation and, eventually, the city manager. Lisa states that she never heard about any discipline against DaBrusco and was even approached by the employee regarding the incident a week later where he taunted her stating “he didn’t care if she had reported the incident because they weren’t going to do anything to him anyway,” an investigative report says.

Lisa requested the Broward County Sheriff’s Office open a criminal investigation in which they did in March 2016, which confirmed that the other pier attendant and Lisa’s supervisor had both been informed of the incident. Even though Lisa’s story remained consistent in multiple interviews, however, DaBrusco denied grabbing her butt or kissing her in the restroom. Because there were no witnesses or cameras, BSO says there was no probable cause to arrest DaBrusco. (The case has since been marked as “pending inactive.”

Attorney signing documents imageThis is not the first time that DaBrusco has been inappropriate in the workplace to females. According to the lawsuit, prior to this 2015 incident, DaBrusco inappropriately grabbed his female supervisor to which she has done nothing to correct his repeated behavior.

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Lisa’s attorney, Christopher Rush, says she had already filed actions with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Florida Commission on Human Relations, which paved the way for the new lawsuit. To date, he says DaBrusco has never been punished.

“Let’s put it this way: He retained his position,” Rush tells New Times. “At this point in the litigation, I’m not aware of any evidence of any discipline whatsoever taken against him.”

The Deerfield Beach city attorney’s office didn’t respond to multiple calls seeking clarification about DaBrusco’s disciplinary record and comment about the pending lawsuit.

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