Truck Accidents

The Ben Law Firm serves members of the South Florida community who have suffered personal injuries or property damage in a trucking accident.  Sharing the roadways with large tractor trailers and “sixteen wheelers” is a fact of modern life.  However, when truck drivers or trucking companies injure you or your family members, you need to be fully aware of your legal rights.

Our firm can help you investigate the trucking accident to determine whether the driver operated the truck carelessly or while intoxicated.  We will analyze whether defective products, such as faulty seatbelts, tires and gas tanks, caused or contributed to your injuries.  We know that injuries resulting from trucking accidents are often serious. Victims of trucking accidents may experience bodily trauma such as whiplash, burns, nerve damage, broken bones or paralysis.

Let the experienced trucking accident attorneys of the Ben Law Firm review your situation and discuss your options for securing compensation for your injuries.  Allow us to work with the responsible parties to recover your medical expenses and lost wages.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, contact us online or call us at 954-961-2055 to set up a FREE consultation.