Spinal Cord Injuries

The Ben Law Firm Spinal Cord Cases

The Ben Law Firm represents persons in South Florida who have suffered a spinal cord injury.  These injuries result when damage to the spinal cord interferes with the transmission of signals along the spinal column and can involve a range of trauma, such as contusion (bruised spinal cord), compression (pressure on the spine), laceration (detachment or ripping of nerve fibers), and central cord syndrome.

Spinal cord trauma poses severe complications to those who have been injured. Extreme spinal cord injury typically causes paralysis, numbness, and diminished reflexes below the injured area. Other conditions that may occur over a longer period of time include pain, oversensitivity to stimuli, muscular spasms or tightness, and sexual dysfunction.

The predominant cause of spinal cord injuries is automobile accidents in people under age 65.  For the elderly, most spinal cord injuries were received in a fall.  The following are also major causes of SCI:

  • work-related accidents,
  • athletic or aquatic accidents,
  • electrocution,
  • gunshot or knife wounds, and
  • severe rotation of the trunk.Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are serious and life-changing events. This firm understands that your priorities after surviving the trauma of a spinal cord injury are to make sure your financial obligations are covered, pay your medical bills, avoid further suffering due to lost wages, and ensure that additional injury-related treatment will be paid by the person responsible for your injuries. Our attorneys are experienced and well-versed in the effects of spinal cord injuries and the issues that arise with such injuries, and will explain all your options to you after reviewing your situation. We will also work with insurers and the other individuals and entities involved in your case to fairly compensate you for your injuries as quickly as possible.

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