Products Liability

The Ben Law Firm Product Liability

The Ben Law Firm represents clients who have been injured by dangerous or defective products. In products liability cases, a person who was hurt by a product seeks compensation from the manufacturer, distributer or reseller of the product.  Products that may be subject to a products iability lawsuit include

  • tools and machinery that lack sufficient safety warnings,
  • drugs and medicines that cause heart attacks, strokes or birth defects,
  • medical devices that prematurely fail,
  • adulterated or contaminated food products, and
  • toys that pose chocking hazards for young children.

If you have suffered an injury in an incident caused by a product, or you are the survivor of someone who died from using or being exposed to a dangerous or defective product, let us inform you of your legal rights. Contact us online or call us at 954-961-2055 to set up a FREE consultation to review your legal options.