Neck Injuries


Injuries to the neck commonly result from traumatic events such as car accidents and falls. The most common types of injuries inflicted by such incidences are:The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

  1. Spinal Cord  – The upper spinal cord may be severely injured in the accident which can  result in loss of motion or feeling to the upper extremities or even permanent paralysis.
  2. Slipped Disc and Herniated Disc – The pads of cartilage in between each vertebrae of your upper spine can be damaged or become herniated or ruptured.  These types of injuries may produce a burning or numbness sensation down your arms.
  3. Compression Fractures – The bones of the spine break due to severe trauma.
  4. Whiplash – The most common neck injury after a car accident, the neck can snap and become overextended.  This is often referred to as a “flexion/extension” injury where the neck goes forward, then backward and forward again, following a sudden impact or stop of the vehicle.

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