Bicycle Accidents

The Ben Law Firm represents bicyclists who are injured in accidents, as well as survivors of bicyclists who were killed in accidents.  Each year, over 500,000 bicyclists sustain injuries serious enough to warrant a hospital visit.  Additionally, some bicyclists sustain fatal injuries, which predominantly result from collisions with motor vehicles, such as cars or trucks.

Our firm understands the trauma related to bicycle accidents, both for the cyclists themselves and their loved ones.  The harm resulting from bicycle accidents includes head and neck injuries, nerve damage, paralysis, broken bones or dislocated joints. These serious injuries may affect your continued ability to work as well as degrade your quality of life. We understand your goal after surviving a serious bicycle accident is to pay your medical bills and avoid additional financial hardship from lost wages.

The attorneys at Ben Law Firm are well-versed in the issues surrounding bicycle accidents, and will sit down with you to discuss your situation, review your legal options, and work with all the relevant parties to address your legal needs quickly and effectively.

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