Police Shootings
Pedestrian Killed at Bus Stop in Lauderdale Lakes
November 2, 2015
The Ben Law Firm Drunk Driver Arrest
Beware of Drunk Drivers
July 26, 2016

Police Shootings

Just this past week, six people were shot and killed by police officers in Miami-Dade County Florida.  Several teens were killed after an automobile chase, while another was shot while fleeing the police on foot.  Although police may use force in a hot pursuit, the degree of force used on the teens may be questionable.  Questionable incidents with police brutality happen often in Miami and Fort Lauderdale as well as all over the United States.


Police Chases Leading to Injuries

Many people are hurt by the police when involved in a police chase.  Police brutality is often in response to a chase.  Excessive force is the most common complaint when speaking of police brutality. Both the officers involved the civilians tend to get carried away and a mixture of adrenaline and loaded guns is never good. As a result, police departments have protocols to minimize the collateral consequences of such chases.  Among those protocols is the general rule to not engage in a chase unless there is evidence of a serious crime having been committed or to prevent further violence. Many times, officers have to make split second decisions when deciding whether or not a civilian is considered dangerous and there are times that the officers are not correct. Unfortunately, these mistakes have cost innocent people their lives.

Hands Up Don't Shoot

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