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hit-and-run-imageSome may say that a person involved in a “Hit and Run” might have been too scared to stay at the scene of the accident. Whether the person involved in that “Hit and Run” may have been at fault or not, it is their duty to stay at the scene of the accident without fleeing. There are certain circumstances where if that person did not flee the scene, one who lost their lives could still be alive. Would your morals allow you to flee the scene of an accident if you were in fact, at fault? Only when put in that situation would you truly know the answer to that question.

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In 2011, about 6 years ago, 25-year-old Rita Carter was faced with that same situation in which she chose to flee the scene of an accident that took the lives of 2 people. On Friday, December 15th, the judge sentenced Mrs. Carter and to the shock of the community, it did not include any jail time. A Volusia County judge convicted Rita Carter of leaving the scene after crashing into the engaged couple, Javi Remonsanzol and Allison Sellers.

Mrs. Carter was sentenced to probation which is to include her speaking at every high school in the county at least once a year to talk about her actions.

Prior to the judge announcing Carter’s sentence on Friday, nine people spoke about her character.

“Her sadness and remorse were obvious. I’d say, ‘Smile Rita,’ and she just couldn’t,” said Carter’s grandmother, Emily Shaw.

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Rita-Carter-Hit-and-run-caseThe victim’s family believe Carter receives special treatment because her father is an assistant state attorney in Seminole County. Three years after she was arrested, a judge tossed out evidence alleging Carter was drunk, saying she never consented to be tested and the arrest took too long.

Carter’s father, Jim Carter, spoke directly to the victims’ families in court.

“The hate will eat you up. Please, someday, find it in your heart to forgive Rita,” he said.

Carter apologized to the families.

“I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this,” she said. “All I can do is take responsibility for today, and for the last six years. I’m just so sorry.”

“To be 16 years old and lose your parents was very difficult to deal with,” said Remonsanzol’s son, Alex Remonsanzol.

A Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson said the sentence was a disappointment.

It was stated by a spokesperson that the troopers worked hundreds of hours to make an arrest and that drivers who leave the scene should be held accountable for their actions.

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