Neck Injury Defense
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October 7, 2016
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The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

Your neck is a very fragile part of your body that needs to be protected. When you have been in a situation that has damaged your neck, make sure you have the defense that will help get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Neck Injury Defense From Your Accident

Neck-related injuries can cause the victim to have a hard time doing normal functions such as bending, sitting for too long, and turning. Most of the discomfort come from the following:

  • Pinched nerves – when the cervical nerves are pinched, it can cause the nerves in the body not to work properly. This can result in serious pain and numbness in the skin.
  • Herniated disc – when there is too much pressure placed on the disc, it can rupture. This is also known as slipped discs or a herniated disc. When this occurs, the spinal nerves can be irritated and cause severe pain.
  • Cervical fractures and dislocations – when a neck bone moves out of its normal position, it is called a cervical dislocation. A cervical fracture occurs when a neck bone actually breaks. In either case, severe pain occurs and debilitating injuries may occur.
  • Spinal cord injury – when neck injuries damage the spinal cord, the injuries can be permanent and result in paralysis. Not only will this type of neck injury change a person’s life, but it can leave the victim with expensive medical bills and a lifetime of medical care and caretaking expenses.
Neck Injury Cases

Neck Injury Cases

Causes of neck related injuries

Minor neck injuries could happen from many different situations. Here are a few common situations that result in a minor neck injury.

  • Tripping
  • Falling a short distance
  • Excessive twisting of the spine
The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

The Ben Law Firm Neck Injuries

Severe neck injuries may result from the following:

  • Whiplash in a car accident
  • Falls from significant heights
  • Direct blows to the back or the top of the head
  • Sports-related injuries
  • a penetrating injury such as a stab wound
  • External pressure applied to the neck, such as strangulation.

Treatment may be available to relieve the pain from a neck injury but may not always cure the injury. Some treatment may include first aid measures, physical therapy, manipulative therapy (such as chiropractic or osteopathic), medicine, and in some cases surgery. The type of treatment available depends on:

  • The location, type, and severity of the injury.
  • Your age, health condition, and activities (such as work, sports, or hobbies).

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