Mediation Services That Work!
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Help With Mediation

Help With Mediation

Help With Mediation

Is there anything that The Ben Law Firm doesn’t do? With a certified mediator and convenient office locations, you can’t go wrong with The Ben Law Firm’s mediation services. Skip the drawn out litigation process and try to resolve your dispute through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The mediation office is located conveniently off of I-95 on Stirling Rd.

Benefits of using Mediation Services:

  • Higher Satisfaction Rate-Clients who go through mediation tend to have a higher satisfaction rate because they are more involved in the outcome rather than having a judge make the decision for them.
  • Less Intimidating-Big court houses can tend to be very intimidating. Mediation services are still legally binding but less formal than the litigation process.
  • Quicker Resolution-Mediation services resolve quicker than taking the issue to court.
  • Lower Costs-Court proceedings can be quite expensive depending on the issue at hand. Mediation services are drastically cheaper than that of taking the matter through the litigation process.
Mediation Services

Mediation Services

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