Hoverboard Injuries On The Rise In South Florida
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Why Hoverboards Keep Catching Fire

Why Hoverboards Keep Catching Fire

Hoverboard Injury Court Case

Hoverboard Injury Case

Hoover Boards are all the rave in South Florida for more reasons than one. With hearing all of the things this latest and greatest record selling toy can do, we are also hearing all of the dangers from the toy as well. Hospitals in Florida, and well as other areas, are warning the public of dangers from riding hoverboards without proper protection, such as a helmet.

Hover Boards to Blame For South Florida Injuries

Hospitals in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties have been overwhelmed with at least 40 visits due to hoverboards which in injuries to children as well as adults. Some of these injuries have included broken and fractured wrists, as well as concussions.

The Hover Board injuries do not discriminate on age. There are reports of children and adults of all ages becoming injury by this infamous stunt toy. There have also been recent reports of this motorized scooter catching fire. With one fire case taking place in Boca Raton, involved an 11-year old child who was playing on the Hover Board when it started making popping sounds. Just moments after the child jumped off, it caught on fire. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said it is investigating the fire hazard posed by the toy.

Hoverboard Warnings in South Florida


Why Hoverboards Keep Catching Fire

In most of the local cases, though, falls have been the culprit. Dr. Anthony Sheehan, assistant director of emergency medicine at Florida Medical Center, said it seems to come down to two things. “It’s A, not having the proper safety equipment and B, not being used to it,” he said, adding that a simple fall can put a person’s wrist out of commission for weeks or months.

Though we have all had a great laugh as we scrolled through social media platforms watching video clips label by a famous hashtag #hoverboardfail, some injuries have been more severe.

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