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Earl-Lewis-Hit-and-run-imageLawyers are hired for several reasons. One of the main reasons you hire a lawyer is to be able to take legal advice in your best interest. Most Miami lawyers would ask you not to make any statements until you have taken counsel from them.

Miami Hit And Run

Earl Lewis, a Homestead resident, who was accused of being involved in a hit and run that ended in two people killed, made a shocking admission of guilt at his first court appearance on Monday. Lewis stated, “My car went out of control,” during his appearance via closed-circuit T, from a West Miami-Dade jail. Reports state that Lewis is accused of being involved in a crash on February 9th, 2018 when Cesar Eduardo Cepeda, 34 lost control of his pickup truck on the Dolphin Expressway, State Road 836, just east of Florida’s Turnpike, when he crashed into a guardrail. Cepeda was said to be fine and called his father, Jose Eduardo Cepeda Luna, 57, who immediately came to his rescue. As the two men were standing alongside the highway, Lewis driving a 2014 Camaro ran off the road, plowing into the men. Lewis reportedly left the Camaro and got into the Luna’s Chevy Equinox and drove away. The crash happened around 5 am.

The Equinox was found abandoned near Homestead. Not long after the crash, the owner of the Camaro reported the car stolen.

Hit-and-run-miami-imageMiami Lawyer

A Miami-Dade judge on Monday ordered Lewis held on a $600,000 bond, an amount he acknowledged he can’t pay. Prosecutors have also charged Lewis with driving with a suspended license and car theft. According to an arrest warrant, DNA was the key evidence in building the case against Lewis. Lewis’ genetic material was found on an airbag that deployed inside the crashed Camaro as well as blood found inside the stolen Equinox.

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