Hit and Run cases spiking for South Florida
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The Ben Law Firm Car Accident Image

The Ben Law Firm Car Accident Image

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South Florida has been experiencing a spike in unsolved hit and run cases. In 2013, six-year-old DeAndre Binns was a victim of a driver’s selfish act of a hit and run accident. This accident caused this young child his whole future and resulted in his death. DeAndre Binns was killed by a hit and run driver in Miramar more than four years ago and the case remains unsolved.

What FHP is doing about hit and run cases

In a perfect world, every wrong doing case would be solved in a timely manner and the devastated family can stop suffering and finally get some closure. But we know that this is far from a perfect world and the number of unsolved hit and run cases are astonishing.

Below is the hit and run statistics reported from The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles:

  • Palm Beach County reported 12 deaths and 102 injuries among its 7,694 hit and run cases.
  • Broward County reported 14 deaths and 119 were injured in nearly 12,000 hit and runs.
  • Miami-Dade reported 20 deaths and 141 injuries in more than 19,000 hit and runs.

Officers have been hampered because there is no uniform statewide database on hit and runs, so FHP is trying to build one with other agencies, said Capt. Ellery Collado, Commander of Troop E in Miami-Dade.

“We’re getting together with all the municipalities and the sheriff’s office to unify all the [statistics] in one database,” he said.

Risks of leaving the accident scene

The Ben Law Firm Hit And Run

The Ben Law Firm Hit And Run

Why are drivers so quick to leave an individual that they injured on the roadway? The first thing that could possibly come to mind is the consequences that they might be facing, being the injuries were caused by them, whether they meant to do it or not. When a thief steals from a store, they do not announce that they stole an item as they are walking out the door. Well, the concept is the same except the thief intended to steal. But the thought of being prosecuted could scare many.

To minimizes this fear in drivers that had no intentions of harming another person, the FHP has launched a “Stay At The Scene” campaign. This campaign is meant to encourage drivers to remain at the crash location. “Drivers may face little or no penalty if the stay at the crash scene,” Sanchez said. “In some of these cases they weren’t even at fault,” he said.

If you are caught leaving the scene of an accident involving a death, you will face a first-degree felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, according to Florida State Law.

Family of a hit and run victim that ended fatally formed a non-profit Just An Accident, STOP organization to address the problem. Eugene Green was killed in 2014 in which his case is still unsolved. Green stepped off a bus in Miami Gardens, grabbed his bicycle and was struck when he rode to the corner of Northwest 37th Avenue and 183rd Street. The horrific scene was captured by the bus’s video camera but the hit at and run driver has not been captured. “We’re trying to drive home a message of awareness, education and provide some kind of advocacy for the victims,” Green’s cousin, Kevin Samuel said.

Find a Florida attorney to fight for your injuries

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