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April 16, 2017
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Accidents do happen, but no one ever plans to get involved in a car accident. The effects of a car accident can be devastating to the vehicle, the driver, and passengers. In our busy city of Fort Lauderdale, with millions of people traveling every day, car accidents are bound to happen. Therefore, there is a necessity of having car accident lawyers around.

Located at Stirling Rd Fort Lauderdale, FL, The Ben Law Firm has specialized car accidents lawyers with years of experience ready to offer you both consultation and legal representation in case you or your loved one is involved in a car accident.

Prior to the consultation, a proper handling of the situation is necessary. If you have not handled the situation at the scene well, options left to help you out will be limited. We at The Ben Law Firm are aiding you with scene handling techniques that will still leave you with a wide room to help you in your tragedy. Getting involved in an accident is shocking and will cause adrenaline rush and temper which, if not handled well, can cause you to make rash decisions. With this in mind, it is important to remain calm if or when involved in an accident and call 911 to report the incident and victims involved.

If the accident involves the collision of two or more vehicles, the position of your vehicle may either endanger other motorists or be a danger to yourself. We advise you to move your vehicle from the dangerous location to safety where you can exchange information with the other driver without getting into an argument. While exchanging information with other drivers, take note of the driver’s license number, their insurance details, and the vehicle registration. Moreover, do not forget to check the severity of your injuries and if the police are at the scene, please do give them undivided cooperation.

To build a strong case, adequate evidence is essential. While at the scene, look for as many witnesses as possible and do not forget to take their personal information such as their names, phone numbers (if they are willing), and addresses because they will be helpful to your case. Also obtain pictures of the scene, even through your cell phone or any other camera, because visual images are stronger and serve to be more convincing evidence than an oral testimony.

After the accident, the insurance company of the other driver or even your own insurance company may have arrived at the scene. We recommend a state of no information exchange between you and your insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver without consulting a specialized accident lawyer. Here at The Ben Law Firm, we have a team of professional accident lawyers who will be happy to offer you a free consultation. When calling our lawyers, include detailed information of the accident, which will make it easier for the team to know how to best represent you.

The last and most important thing that you should not forget is your health. The adrenaline rush may cause you not to feel any injuries immediately after the accident. Therefore, you should obtain medical attention to ensure that you are in good shape and have not sustained any external or internal injuries even if you feel okay or fit. Feel free to consult us today by calling or writing us.

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