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September 4, 2017
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Image of Tallahassee personal injury caseWhen you send your children to school, you expect them to be taught in a nurturing environment. But what should you do if you learn your child has experienced extreme discipline by those entrusted to teach him or her?

The mother of a Tallahassee elementary school student is suing the local school board after a teacher slammed a time-out room door on her special needs son’s hand breaking his finger.

Florida Personal Injury Court Case

According to the lawsuit filed in November 2015 against the Leon County School Board, the young boy was forced into the time out room even though school staff had been warned that due to his special behavioral needs he would react poorly to being shut alone in a room.

When the teacher attempted to force him in the time out room, the child struggled, and the teacher responded by slamming the child’s hand in the door, which resulted in a laceration and fracture of his finger.

There are many Florida families who have children with special needs that are being restrained and put in seclusion in the public school system. Children are being abused physically and mentally because of their disabilities and the lack of appropriate programs and highly qualified teachers available to educate them.

Image of Florida Court RoomMany parents are so frustrated with the way their children are treated in public schools that they are turning to outside programs to keep their children safe yet still be able to receive some education.

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Children are going home injured physically and mentally and there is nothing parents can do about it. No laws, no regulations, no tracking, no consent from parents and no parent notification in many cases. Call and talk to a Florida Injury Attorney regarding your possible case. The current system allows the FLDOE and every school district to be their own police force for the documents they have created and the lack of documents that have not been created.

Restraint and Seclusion is not a treatment, it’s a failure of treatment and children will never be able to succeed in life with this kind of behavior treatment in the public school system. If you or someone you know has been through a similar life experience, call and talk to The Ben Law Firm regarding your possible case at (954) 961-2055.

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