Florida Department of Children & Families Regional Director Could Face Jail Time
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February 24, 2017
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March 8, 2017

DCF-In-Hot-WaterRegional child welfare director, Clarissa Cabreja, could be arrested if she does not appear at a March 8th hearing. This hearing is scheduled in relation to a foster child that hung herself while broadcasting it on Facebook live.

Fort Lauderdale Judge Puts Her Foot Down

Miami-Dade Judge Maria Sampedro-Iglesia, suggested in an order that the Florida Department of Children & Families attorneys lied about the welfare of foster children that may have witnessed a teen hang herself while streaming it live on social media. The judge threatened to jail the regional child welfare director Clarissa Cabreja if she does not show up to the March 8th hearing in order to “show cause why they should not be held in indirect civil contempt of court”.

The child that killed herself on January 22nd, while streaming it on Facebook was 14 year old Naika Venant who was taken from her mother, Gina Alexis, in 2009 on accusations of child abuse. Venant went through multiple different foster homes. “It was determined that Naika was sexually abused by a 14-year-old foster boy while in care, while she was 7 years old,” Talenfled, Gina  attorney said in January.

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South-Florida-DCF-In-CourtThe order follows a back-and-forth between the agency and the judge, who requested information about foster children living in the home Jan. 22 when this incident took place. The judge said she wants to make sure the children who were in the Miami Gardens foster home when the suicide was live streamed on Facebook receive proper counseling or treatment.

If arrested, the judge wrote, Cabreja could be held in jail up to 48 hours before a hearing. Jessica K. Sims, a spokeswoman for the agency says, “the agency fully intends to comply.”

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