Florida Cruise Injury Victims Are To Be Heard In Italy
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Cruise-Ship-Injury-ImageJust three months and two days shy of the 100-year anniversary of the infamous Titanic shipwreck, history seemed to repeat itself. It’s being compared to a modern-day version of the Titanic shipwreck. If you or a loved one has been injured in cruise ship injury, call The Ben Law Firm to discuss your possible case. 

 On Jan. 13, 2012 the Carnival Cruise Lines Inc.-owned Italian ship Costa Concordia struck a rock near the shore of the small Italian island Giglio, tearing a large hole in the ship’s hull that caused it to capsize. The accident occurred just as passengers were sitting down to dinner, and panic soon ensued. With minimal direction from the ship’s crew, the ship’s 4,200 passengers fought to get onto lifeboats, and some jumped into the sea.

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 Plaintiffs firms across the country attacked Carnival Corp. by filing lawsuits on behalf of passengers who were on the Costa Concordia, the Carnival-owned cruise ship that capsized.

 New York personal injury attorney Mitchell Proner and New York lawyer Marc Bern sued Carnival in Florida state court on behalf of seven of the ship’s passengers. According to Reuters, which received a copy of the suit, the cruise line was accused of maritime negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and more. Proner claimed on his website that he was seeking at least $160,000 in damages for any passenger he represented.

 Gary Lobaton who worked on the Carnival Corp.-owned Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, which capsized after the captain allegedly steered the ship too close to shore—filed a complaint against Carnival in federal court in Chicago. He claims the cruise line owner is guilty of negligence and breach of contract, and he seeks class-action status to represent all victims of the disaster.

 costa-concordia-ship-imageFour Hungarian musicians and dancers who were on the doomed vessel sued Carnival Corp., Costa Concordia’s parent company. According to the lawsuit, the performers can no longer work because of the physical and emotional injuries they suffered as a result of the disaster. One of their fellow performers, violinist Sandor Feher, drowned after he tried to assist children with their life jackets. The group was seeking $200 million in damages.

 33 more passengers who survived the Costa Concordia shipwreck in January of 2012 joined a lawsuit that six other passengers previously filed in Miami. The amended lawsuit accused the cruise ship owner of gross negligence and fraud and was seeking at least $528 million in damages.

 At least some of the plaintiffs that went after Carnival Corp. over a cruise ship disaster in Italy had to head across the Atlantic to pursue legal action.

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 Fort_Lauderdale_Court_Room-ImageA judge in Florida dismissed the suit against Carnival Corp. brought by nearly 1,000 Italian businesses over the fatal cruise ship crash earlier that year. The crash, which involved Carnival’s Costa Concordia ship on Jan. 13 of 2012, left 32 passengers and crew members dead. U.S. District Judge Robin Rosebaum said the case should be heard in Italy because the contracts written into the ship’s tickets state that lawsuits must be brought there.

 Judge Rosebaum’s decision, however, did not include the suits that had been filed in the U.S. on behalf of hundreds of the ill-fated ship’s passengers. Those cases are closed and motions had been filed to consolidate them under one judge.

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