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Boating-In-FloridaWhen it is summer in the great sunshine state, all of the Florida residents and tourists hit the beach for some fun in the sun. A nice day out on a boat can be both exciting and dangerous if precautions are not taken to ensure your safety.

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Many that decide to go out on a boat for the day are in need of some serious relaxation and that might include popping open a beer or two. What many fail to realize is just like you should never drink and drive, the same goes for driving a boat. Many boating accidents are causing by boaters not paying attention to what they are doing. In 2016, Miami-Dade County came in at number 2 in the top counties for boating accidents and Broward came in as number 6. Florida experienced a 20 percent increase in deaths by boating accidents in 2016.

South-Florida-Boating-AccidentsDepending on what you are taking a boat out on the water for, fishing, cruising, deep water scuba diving, there could be a ton of distractions. “The inattentiveness, whether just keeping a proper lookout, is the criteria we see in many of the simple reportable accidents,” Captain Tom Shipp, head of Fish and Wildlife’s Boating and Waterways Section. “People are distracted by a lot of things. It can be electronics in the boat like a phone, GPS or depth finder, or just talking.”

By following these boating precautions, the chances of you being injured in boating accident minimizes.

  • Do wear a life jacket. They float, you don’t.
  • Do keep a good lookout while underway.
  • Know the water and environment you will be boating in.
  • Don’t overload your boat.
  • Don’t ride on the gunwale, bow, seat backs, or any place not designed for passengers.
  • Shut your engines off when people are in the water near your boat.
  • Check the weather forecast before boating

Boat-LawsuitCall To Discuss Your Boating Injuries

If you or someone that you know has been injured in a boating accident, call an experienced Fort Lauderdale injury attorney. Let the dedicated attorneys at The Ben Law Firm get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

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