The Effects of Social Media On Your Case
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Affects of Social Media on Personal Injury Case


Social MediaIt’s truly amazing how social media takes such a toll on our lives. We plan our days and nights around e-vites and get together’s publicized on the web. Often we show off our lives to the world and many do not realize how that can affect your personal injury case severely. A personal injury case is meant to recover monetary compensation for damages to your personal and work life. Defense attorneys have been known to utilize many methods of discrediting plaintiffs in whatever way possible, including their social media posts.

Social Media And Your Personal Injury Case


Affects of Social Media on Personal Injury CaseDefense attorneys have been known to search social media sites to prove that the lives of plaintiffs have not been negatively impacted. For example, during a personal injury case, if the plaintiff who claims to have had their life negatively impacted by someone else and during the period in which the defense is investigating, post themselves in ways where it is evident that their life has not been impacted negatively, the defense can then use that as evidence in their favor. At the same time, some plaintiffs have foolishly flaunted false claims on their social media for the world to see and as a result, lose their case. Some posts on social media can make a plaintiff look “sue happy” in which the plaintiff appears over zealous to sue the defendant.

Avoiding Social Media While In Suit

Personal Injury and Social MediaIn all cases, it is in your best interest to steer clear of any and all social media sites while your personal injury case is in progress. Even if what you are posting seems harmless, you never know how the defense might turn it around on and use if in their favor. The Ben Law Firm will do everything possible to help you during your cases to gain the best outcome. If you are in need of a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney, give us a call and book your free consultation.

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