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The Ben Law Firm Aviation Accident

The Ben Law Firm Aviation Accident

The Ben Law Firm Aviation Accident

The Ben Law Firm Aviation Accident

When you or a loved one are injured in an aviation accident, count on the attorney that cares to get you the compensation that you deserve. For those that lost a life due to an aviation incident, the family left behind is to carry the burden of the death.

Compensation For Your Aviation Incident

The Ben Law Firm promises to uphold a certain standard of professionalism as well as compassion during this difficult time in you and your loved ones lives. The truth of the matter is that while many are terrified of flying, you are more likely to be injured in a car accident than in a plane accident. According to the National Safety Council, the odds of dying in an aviation accident in the U.S. (over a lifetime) are about 1 in 7,178, while the odds of dying in a car crash are 1 in 98. This is a drastic difference.

Many might wonder what the cause of a plane is and the answer is wrapped up in one little ball. The most common reasons for a plane accident include:

  • Pilot Error: Half of all plance crashes are due to an error made by the pilot. Many responsibilities come with flying a plane. Pilots must navigate through dangerous weather, respond to mechanical issues and execute a safe takeoff and landing. Some plane accidents are caused when pilots misread equipment, misjudge weather conditions or fail to recognize mechanical errors until it’s too late. In 1976, a South African AW flight crashed when the captain suffered a heart attack and his first officer couldn’t control the plane in time.
  • Mechanical Error: Mechanical error is the second most common cause of plane crashes. Mechanical errors account for about 22% of all aviation accidents. When there is a mechanical issue, the pilot is at the mercy of the plane. For example, in 1974 a Turkish Airlines flight to France crashed because of a design flaw in the latch of the cargo door.
  • Weather. Around 12% of all plane crashes are caused by weather conditions. Although flights are often grounded when weather conditions are deemed hazardous, storms, heavy winds and even fog can sneak up on pilots and air traffic controllers. Lightening strikes are amoung the most dangerous weather conditions for a plane to be flying through. When lightning hits a plane, it can disable it in many ways. Aviation accidents have happened because lightning caused electrical failure, because it ignited fuel tanks and pipes, and even because the flash itself caused temporary blindness.
  • The Ben Law Firm Aviation Accidents

    The Ben Law Firm Aviation Accidents

    Sabotage. Though a sabotaged flight draws the most media attention, it accounts for only 9% of aviation accidents. Some sabotaged flights crash because of hijackers, and of course the most notable examples are the three flights that were hijacked on September 11th. But despite increasingly strict TSA regulations, some passengers still manage to smuggle bombs or firearms onto planes. Security has been on high alert since the bombing on September 11th.

  • Other Human Error. The bulk of the remaining plane crashes, about 7%, are caused by other kinds of human errors. Some plane crashes are inadvertently caused by air traffic controllers. Air traffic control mistakes have caused planes to crash into mountains, to land on occupied runways and even to collide in midair. When a plane is loaded, fueled or maintained incorrectly, that’s human error too.
Aviation Injury

Aviation Injury

Choose The Ben Law Firm For Your Defense

The Ben Law Firm works passionately on each and every case. You are a person and not a case number that should be handled in that manner. Let The Ben Law Firm fight for you and your loved ones during your aviation injury case.

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