Knowing and Understanding Your Rights

Accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately, these happen every day across the United States—and in Fort Lauderdale. It could vary from automobile crashes, motorcycle accidents, to medical malpractice.

Just to give a perspective, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there was an average of nearly 800 accidents per day in Florida in 2012.

These accidents and injuries usually result from the iniquity of another person, company or entity. On the bright side, some laws protect victims who have been hurt and affected. However, many are not aware of its existence, and their rights are being compromised.

For an average person, the legal system can be a complex matter to grasp. As Fort Lauderdale Injury Attorneys at The Ben Law Firm, it is our duty to provide simpler perspectives of every situation that our clients encounter.

Aside from specializing in the protection of accident victims, our services include Maximum Compensation and a No Recovery — No Fee.

Maximum Compensation
We help you collect all of the money which you are owed and recover from the pain of your medical bills, lost wages, and other benefits which the law allows.

No Recovery — No Fee
All our personal injury cases are on a contingency fee basis, we get results often faster than many of clients expect.


Unparalleled Professional and Legal Advice

Serious injuries cost you time, money, and energy. Tons of paperwork are needed to be processed for filing just to protect your legal rights and obtain monetary compensation from insurance claims.

Our Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyers have a well-equipped and trustworthy team who are always ready to execute the best legal service you can ever acquire.

We start the process by assessing your case. Once they have taken everything into consideration, they will thoroughly explain your legal options and help you build a case against the third party who is responsible for your injuries.

We show our willingness to deliver the highest quality of service by providing convenience through Hospital and Home Visits. If you are stuck in a hospital, for instance, and cannot attend to such matters, we make it a point to go to you because protecting your legal rights is our top priority.


Recovering Monetary Damages

Under the Florida law, you are entitled to a full compensation for all losses after someone injures you through careless or negligent acts. However, you are required to take legal action in order for you to obtain the money you deserve.

An experienced Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyer from The Ben Law Firm can help you achieve compensation in two ways - Litigation and Settlement.

Your case goes to court and is heard before a judge and jury.

A resolution is agreed upon outside of the courtroom by all parties.

Various Personal Injury Cases

We at The Ben Law Firm are experienced in recovering compensation for accident victims. We are more than eager to review your case and provide the best legal solutions.

Our commitment to acquire full compensation awards varies on the basis of the circumstances involved. We always see to it that all your reimbursements will cover all lost work wages and basic medical expenses.

Here are the common reasons to recover compensation for to consider:

  1. Doctors’ Fees and Medical Expenses
  2. Lost Work Wages and Future Earnings
  3. Emotional Damages
  4. Pain and Suffering
  5. Funeral Expenses
  6. Pain and suffering

With all our previous experience, we ensure to provide you a detailed understanding of Florida’s Legal System because this will help you obtain the compensation you truly deserve.

Our Fort Lauderdale Injury Attorneys dedicate their time to creatively strategize a simplified point of view even for the most complicated cases.

Know Your Injury and Accident Case Worth

We fully understand that every case for each individual has different needs. Hence, we make sure that our team, Fort Lauderdale Accident Lawyer of The Ben Law Firm, work efficiently to align our client’s desire with our perfected strategic system.

Along with the personal injury accidents, as many would disregard, comes an emotional damage. To aggravate the situation, this results in a financial strain which may eventually lead to pain and even worse, a future of uncertainty.

In spite of that, here at The Ben Law Firm, our team of Fort Lauderdale Injury Attorneys is fully committed to acting as a protector on your behalf. Our dedication to our profession has allowed us continued success in claiming thousands of compensation for our clients.

You are In Good Hands

We make sure that our firm is always ready to provide the best legal solution possible on your behalf. No case is too simple or complicated since we are perpetually prepared to put in the time and effort required.

Achieving decades of combined legal experience, The Ben Law Firm will maximize your recovery and, at the same time, attenuate the agony you may be facing.